Choose the speed you need – up to 10 Gigabit — only available through Waverly Utilities’ exclusive fiber network!

  • No data limits!
  • Reliable WiFi!
  • No contract!
  • 250 Mbps up/down standard speeds
  • No throttling when streaming, gaming, and browsing on multiple devices at once
  • Reliable, fast, local customer care
  • Pay less for the same great services


Standard 250/250Mbps $59.95
1 Gigabit  1Gb/1Gb $77.95
10 Gigabit 10Gb/10Gb $139.95
Wireless Extender $2.95
Whole Home WiFi Service* $10.40
Work From Home Package** $103.25
Network Security Application $4.95
Essential Internet Service*** 25Mbps/25Mbps $9.95

Includes:  WiFi6 compatible router, app-based network management (CommandIQ) and WiFi-Mesh extender (if needed)

New Internet Customers as of January 1, 2022 have two WiFi options:

  • Whole Home WiFi provided by WU (see above for fee) or
  • Provide their own equipment for WiFi service (no fee)

Current Internet Customers as of January 01, 2022:  Waverly Utilities Internet customers served by Waverly Communications Utility will remain on the current WiFi-5 service at their current address (no charge).  Current customers will have the option to move from WiFi-5 to Whole Home WiFi for the established monthly fee.

Click here for the CommandIQ users guide.

** The Work from Home package includes:

  • 1G Internet service
  • Wi-Fi router supporting Wi-Fi 6
  • Wi-Fi mesh extender (if needed, based on size of home)
  • Static IPv4 address
  • Network based security software (CommandIQ)
  • Network management software
  • Installation of 1 hard wired Ethernet device

Click here for the CommandIQ users guide.

*** This service is available for customers with students in K-12th grade that reside in the Waverly Utilities territory (school districts may include W-SR, Denver and Janesville).  Parents/guardians must provide documentation annually confirming students in their household receive free or reduced meals through the National Student Lunch Program.  New customers can not have outstanding WU bills or unreturned equipment.  Customers applying for this package cannot be a current WU Internet customer at the standard rates.

Note: Actual connection speeds will vary depending upon network traffic, limitations of the device(s) used to connect to the services and numerous other factors.  All rates are monthly unless otherwise stated